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Investment-Grade Geographic Modeling

Investment-Grade Geographic Modeling

Epiphany is a powerful Location Intelligence platform that delivers market models custom-tailored to help any company in any industry grow. Whether you're a small chain just starting to franchise, or a private equity firm examining an acquisition, Epiphany scales with you.

Interactive Insight Image

Interactive Insight

Look at your market from a bird's-eye view. Examine it in the aggregate or zoom in to the finest details.

Expertly Managed Image

Expertly Managed

Not a tool, but a team. All models are managed just for you by our expert team members.

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Elegant Reporting

Save snippets, share maps, and download instant site reports illuminating what you can do with your market.

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Powerful Models

Our team of analysts and developers have pioneered unique and powerful methods of aggregating and visualizing complex data. Those models and others will give your company the understanding needed to tap into your market's full potential.

Pull up a map to find new locations, to see where you're losing money, or to discover why your competitors succeed. It's all there.

Collaborative Workflow

Have a large team? Or need to interact with colleagues outside your organization? Epiphany has all the tools for collaborating with whomever, wherever.

Open up the annotations layer to draw shapes and add notes to the map, while watching your teammates' changes in real time. When you're done, download a snippet of the map as you see it. Or better yet, share a public link, setting a password or expiration date as needed.

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Limitless Interaction Demonstration Image

Limitless Interaction

Though our team has already done the heavy lifting for you, there's no reason you shouldn't join the exploration.

Are you a power user who loves maps? Toggle layers, change labels, and choose amongst multiple thematics, bookmarking the ones you use most. Are you a new user who wants the map to speak for itself? We'll give you a clean, distraction-free environment to explore your models. Either way, actionable insight is at your fingertips.

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